As of 27th October we have one space available by co-option on the Parish Council.

If you think you have what at takes to be a councillor please contact the parish clerk in the first instance for an informal chat.  We will need you to come to the next parish meeting (18th November at 7.30pm) and be willing to stand up, give a really short explanation about why you think you would be a good parish councillor and what you would bring to the council.  We usually vote on the night on any nominations received – so you could be on the parish council by Christmas!

We need people from the local community who want to see a positive future for our parish.  We’d love to have people stand for council who want to be involved with their community and how we sustain ourselves, but who are also not afraid to think outside of the box.  We have a lot of plans currently circling round – from toilet refurbishments, ’20 is Plenty’ speed reductions and the Carwinion Field upgrading works –  so there will be something for everyone to help out on and bring their real life experience to bear on.

Don’t be afraid to stand if the only thing stopping you is being worried you have no council experience.  We can explain rules & procedures to you as we go along, but we cannot provide you with the passion to make a difference – you have that yourself!

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