Planning Applications & Development

Planning Applications

As we receive in planning applications from Cornwall Council to consult on we will now be listing these here for public information. These will be discussed at the next council meeting. ( The Planning Committee meet in August if required)

The following applications will be dealt with at the Parish Council meeting on 21st July 2022 in the Memorial Hall; provided that extension to planning deadlines can be agreed with the Planning Officer

Ref. No: PA22/05662 – Tregarthen Helford Passage Mawnan Smith Cornwall TR11 5LD
Non-material amendment in relation to decision notice PA21/01475 dated 26/04/2021 for change sought – Increase the number of roof lights

Ref. No: PA22/05574 – Trevone Carlidnack Road Mawnan Smith Cornwall TR11 5HA
Proposed extensions and alterations to dwelling and new garage.

Part of the new planning systems is the introduction of a CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) alongside Section 106 agreements on new developments.  This money will be used to supplement works within our parish that  assist with addressing the demands that development places on an area. How much funding we have to spend and any potential projects will be discussed at the September Parish Council meeting. if you wish to suggest a project please contact either the parish clerk or any of the councillors.

Planning & Development:

We have joined up to the Cornwall Council scheme to work with developers during the pre-planning stage.  This will ensure that any discussions we have are fair and consistent.

Our Parish Profile explains how we see our parish at present – this document is open for change as we see different elements growing and changing,   whilst our Pre Application protocol explains how we will deal with  meetings held before planning applications have been submitted..

Please be aware that there are already planning documents in place which are referred to.  These include the Cornwall AONB Management Plan 2016-2012 and the Cornwall Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) + Mawnan Allocation list.  These documents have gone through public consultations, evaluations and council review.  Our NDP, which is now at referendum stage and holds significant planning weight, will be added to this list.

We’ve been asked by Devon & Cornwall Police to highlight Project Wingspan which is the forcewide campaign to highlight the national wildlife crime priorities by working with partners to raise public awareness to prevent wildlife crime across Devon and Cornwall.  This is vital within the planning process as destruction of animal habitat prior to or during the execution of developments is something that should not be happening.  For people considering (re-) development of rural spaces please consider getting additional advice on protected species  such as BATS and BADGERS

UPDATE ON Hotel Meudon (PA21/11384)  – June 2022

We are well aware that a number of additional plans have been logged against this application since we made our original comments but we have not been asked by the Planning Officer to make any further comments on them.  Negotiations into amendments to the original plans are still continuing and, if a consensus is reached,  we will be asked for further comments on the extra plans.

Both Cornwall’s Planning Department & Cllr Bastin (our County Councilor) are aware that the Parish Council would be reluctant to have this application decided by delegated powers and would like to see it taken to the Area Planning  Sub-Committee for consideration. 

Unfortunately this means that we are now in a ‘wait and see’ situation – we will keep you updated as more information come to us.

We do however have some information from the applicants directly, who have agreed that we can post this to our sider community, rather than facilitate any confusion this has been done as the whole email, less contact information.

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