Junior Playing Field

(where the play equipment is)


9.9.22 Junior Playing Field ZIPWIRE: We have had to take this out of use after we had reported to us that the stopper end looks to have failed, making ending the run dangerous,  and the grassmat/ dirt track is unsafe in the wet. Until we get this area repaired we would be grateful if you could refrain from trying to use it.

SORRY – still out of use pending the Trusts agreement to repair quotes. Jan 2023

March 2023: Zipwire Question raised at the Trusts meeting – is this worth the money needed to repair it? Is it being used by enough people to warrant the thousand needed to keep it in useable condition or would something else be used more? Guess repairing it now has to wait pending a review of the use/need….

Oct 2023 – finally, agreement that the zipwire is a well used piece of equipment that the community want to keep it. Quotes reviewed and agreed to … works to repair both the traveller & stopping and end reinstate the grassmat below it should be done before Xmas hopefully…weather dependent.

The play area is situated between Grove Hill and Carwinion Road. Constituting just over half an acre and situated in the village center, the objective of the Junior Playing Field Trust is to provide and maintain a recreation ground for the benefit of younger children of the parish.

Currently the equipment varies from a zip wire (for the more daring), swings, a roundabout, climbing frames, balance beam and swinging bars to a rocking animal and climbing fort for the youngest. Today the children’s play area is used extensively by all age groups with picnic tables for the whole family to make use of.

We would like to remind people that the Junior Playing Field is a dog free area and that this includes use of the footpath from Shute Hill which goes through our site, as this is a permissive path not Public Right of Way.  We ask that dog owners refrain from coming onto our field.

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