Weed Treatments, Hedge Cutting & Invasive Plants


Mawnan Parish Council carries out annual weed treatment on many of the roads in Mawnan Smith.

There is only funding for a single weed treatment, which occurs in early summer each year.

If anyone notes persistent “hotspots” for weeds at other times of the year please contact the parish clerk.


It is the responsibility of the landowner to keep hedges, especially those next to roads and footways, in reasonable order so they don’t cause obstruction to passers-by. The following link takes you to Cornwall Council’s online reporting form: Highways Issue – overgrowing hedges.

Click here for general information about your responsibilities as a landowner if your property borders a road.

If anyone notices serious issues with any overgrown hedge we are happy to send out a generic letter reminding everyone of their responsibilities.

Please note, there is updated information (Nov 2016) regarding when you can remove a hedgerow, from Natural England  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/countryside-hedgerows-regulation-and-management

Ragwort, Knotweed & other invasive plants

Neither the parish  nor Cornwall Council is responsible for works on private land.  However should you wish to report instances of invasive plants causing a nuisance you should initially go to the Cornwall Council website to report them.

Download the DEFRA/ Natural England weed complaint form and log your complaint with them (this refers to agricultural land only).

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