Locating a grave in St Mawnan churchyard

As part of an ongoing project by the Parish Council to help visitors and parishioners alike locate the graves of individuals we have installed a new sign up at St Mawnan Church today.

In conjunction with the database (available below) this map can be used to find burial information and grave locations in the old churchyard. A hardcopy of this will be left in the lychgate below the sign as well as being available on the parish website.

Many thanks to Cllrs David Nash & Graham Marsden who have been involved in mapping, recording and designing all of this project information.

Finding a specific grave in Mawnan Churchyard

The churchyard at Mawnan Church was closed in 2015 and is no longer accepting interments, unless there is a prior agreement in place with the Church.  All enquires for interments would need to be addressed to them.

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