CIL Projects (Community Infrastructure Levy)

As many of you may be aware there were changes made to how developers were asked to fund works within the communities affected by their plans.

CIL allows local authorities to raise funds from new building projects undertaken in their area. It is governed by the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended). CIL is charged as a fixed rate per square metre of new floor space created. The money raised can be used to help fund a wide range of infrastructure that is needed to support development.

Mawnan now gets 25% as our NDP has gone through referendum. To date we have only received a small amount of CIL monies into the parish, but have begun to think about how this money could be best spend on parish facilities and projects.

As such we have started a ‘wish list‘ of things that have been raised by the community at various parish meetings and events. If anyone has a suggestion to go onto this list please do not hesitate to contact the parish clerk or any of the councillors to have it added.

Some projects we have already begun to look at as a parish, some we have already set aside funds for in the parish budget and some we have started looking to grant funders to support us with.

Mawnan now gets 25% as our NDP has gone through referendum

Annual CIL reports


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