Carwinion Playing Field

(where football & cricket play)

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The playing field is one of the last spots on Carwinion Road as you head out of the village and has a soccer pitch and cricket pitch. It also boasts a clubhouse run by the Mawnan Community Association and is home to the Mawnan Pre-school.

Whilst anyone in the community is welcome to make use of the field for any type of recreational activity,  we do ask that any regular groups who hold classes or sessions here make contact with the Trust (via the parish council) to ensure that all the dreaded admin – insurances, emergency procedures and fees (if this is a ‘paid for’ activity) are in place and correct.  We usually only make a nominal charge for any group based within the community to hire the field space.

Following on from the public meeting on Monday 13th September about the plans for Carwinion Field if anyone want to make contact please feel free to email – or use the contact form below.

The slides from the meeting are attached – they now include summary notes of the information given verbally by Rex Sadler, Kevin Bate and Caroline Toland

Keeping you up to date on the MUGA

Sept 2022: After months of meetings and revisions a set of plans has finally gone forward as a full Planning Application.. We have include some of them. At this point you will be free to make comment on the application as it stands – if we can we’ll try to have another public meeting to show off the plans.

Oct 2022: a comment has come in from Sport England objecting to elements of the current plans – but supporting the over scope of the application. Arrangements need to be made with the user groups involved to see if there are ways around this that can satisfy Sport England enough to support us.

Once our application is in we can look towards sourcing funding to cover the costs of this project – for which we may need to employ a grant bid writer (so if you know anyone, let us know …) rather than attempting this massive undertaking ourselves.

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