Agendas & Minutes

Details on all agenda & minutes are below – please note that some minutes will be in draft format until ratified at the next appropriate council meeting.

We plan to add agendas on the same day the hardcopy goes up on the Parish Noticeboard – it’s usually the 2nd Thursday of the month.  Please click for a full list of 2021 Meeting Dates

As the agendas are in Adobe PDF format, and to read them you need Adobe Acrobat software.  The agenda will usually include most of the papers sent out to the parish councillors – copies of policies/ contracts under discussion are not included.

How to participate in our monthly meetings.

We can no longer hold online meetings so have reverted to physical ones – although these are severely restricted in numbers as we continue to abide by regulations.  We will look into the possibilities of recording the meetings in some form to still allow them to be posted on our facebook page to be viewed later.

If there is any specific item that you wish to comment on we are asking that you seriously consider if you need to attend in person or if a written submission would be more appropriate – these can be made to the clerk up until 3pm on the day of the meeting (email:

Keeping safe at our meetings

if you plan on attending in person one of our meetings from now on please can you read this information document explaining what measures we will be taking.  The Memorial Hall has set a limit of  35-40 attendees and we would ask that anyone who really, really feels that they have to attend  to directly comment on any matter ring the clerk to request a reserved place.

Whilst we understand that some items are viewed by the community as having a larger impact and that attending a meeting would show the level of general feeling at this point, with COVID still rife within our immediate area, we would ask that if you feel strongly about an item are are considering attending the PC meeting simply to show your feelings rather than take part,  that this is better done at present by contacting the clerk.  A summary of the subject of contacts and feelings about them will be included in our minutes (no names will be included).


Office & Finance  
Agenda Minutes
25.1.21 25.1.21 draft
19.4.21 meeting inqorate & postponed (TBC)
7.6.21 draft 7.6.21
2.8.21 draft O&F 2.8.21
Full Council   
Agenda Minutes
21.1.21 draft 21.1.21
18.2.21 + extra footpath report 18.2.21 draft
Revised Agenda 18.3.21 Draft minutes 18.3.21
15.4.21 draft 15.4.21
20.5.21 – statutory items agendaMay – ‘virtual agenda’ signed 20.5.21virtual minutes may 2021
24.6.21 – delayed a week 24.6.21
15.7.21 draft 15.7.21
19.8.21 – planning only draft 19.8 planning


Office & Finance  
Agenda Minutes
23.1.20 draft minutes 23.1.20
27.4.20 – cancelled due to Covid-19
23.7.20 draft minutes 23.7
19.10.20 draft minutes 19.10.20
7.12.20 – inquorate
Full Council   
Agenda Minutes
16.1.20 draft minutes 16.1.20
20.2.20 20.2.20 draft minutes
19.3.20  – CANCELLED
19.3.20 virtual agenda – public 19.3 draft vitual minutes + virtual AGM minutes 21.5.20
16.4.20 – virtual agenda draft 16.4.20 virtual
virtual agenda 21.5.20 draft virtual minutes 21.5.20
As of June we are now undertaking meetings online – so no more ‘virtual agendas.  A Zoom link will be posted as part of the agenda to allow public participation.
18.6.20 – online meeting pack draft minutes 18.6
16.7.20 + 23.7 continuation meeting draft minutes 16.7 + draft 23.7 continuation
20.8.20 20.8.20 draft minutes
17.9.20 17.9.20 – draft
15.10.20 draft minutes 15.10
19.11.20 draft 19.11.20 – public
17.12.20 draft minutes 17.12.20
Agenda Minutes
virtual planning 8.6


Office & Finance  
Agenda Minutes
22.1.19 22.1.19
8.4.19 8.4.19 signed
15.7.19 15.7.19 – draft
15.10.19 15.10.19
5.12.19 – budget setting 5.12.19 – budget draft
Full Council   
Agenda Minutes
17.1.19 17.1.19
21.2.19 21.2.19
21.3.19 21.3.19
18.4.19 18.4.19
16.5.19 Annual Parish Meeting Full Council 16.5.19 16.5.19  – Annual Parish16.5.19 – full council
20.6.19 20.6.19 signed
18.7.19 18.7.19 signed
19.9.19 19.9.19 – draft
17.10.19 17.10.19 public
21.11.19 21.11.19 signed
19.12.19 draft minutes 19.12.19
Agenda Minutes
site visit 6.6.19 draft 6.6.19
14.8 .19 14.8.19 -draft

items older than this will need to be requested directly from the clerk.

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