Works & Plans

the following pages covers all plans for works we would like to undertaken at both the churchyard and Community graveyard.

It includes proposals brought before the parish council for any works, requests for quotes, faculty requests for works to the churchyard or tenders for works.


for any further information please contact the parish clerk, who also acts as Burials Officer.


Restoration of churchyard seating – April 2018

Seating at Mawnan Parish Graveyard – the Parish Council who are responsible for maintenance at the graveyard have agreed to refurbish the wooden seating located within the old and new graveyard areas – nine in total – the furthest seat from the entrance in the new section is not included.

As well as cleaning off and preparing the wood – we seek to identify a coating which will provide weather protection and inhibit growth of lichen for as long as possible. The appearance of any proposed coating should be appropriate for its setting.

The seats could be removed sequentially or all together, dependent on the wishes of the person/s carrying out the work. Prior to giving the go-ahead we would seek to agree a price.

This may suit an individual or a commercial firm with knowledge and expertise of undertaking this type of work – either way, we would welcome in the first instance you getting in contact through our Parish Council Clerk, Lisa Clements.

Prior to this, If you wish further information or to discuss any aspect of the above, you can call Graham Marsden on 01326 251238 for an informal chat.