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Quote request – public toilet flooring

We are looking to get a quote  on replacing the current non-slip flooring in our public toilets (male, female & disabled).  ).  The whole building is only about 8m x 4m, so this is a fairly small job.   Currently the floors are painted with non-slip paint on a semi regular basis …  but it has come to the point where the same areas are being painted over again and again and are gaining noticeable dips & rises as a result  (photos attached).

We are looking to either sand back & start from scratch or replace with a long lasting non-slip vinyl.

The toilets are open all day during the summer, so there is no real need to make an appointment to view (just shout loud to warn users!).

We hope to be able to start work in mid-September  as our toilets get a lot of seasonal summer visitors.  We are also looking at works to repaint & update the facilities too so need to get floors in first.

Ideally we’d like to get quotes in before our next meeting on 13th July.  If you do have any queries the clerk works Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9am to 2pm so don’t hesitate to call.