Public Facilities

Mawnan Memorial Hall is the Village Hall in the centre of Mawnan Smith. It lies at the heart of the community, and is used approximately 500 times each year, with up to 60 lettings per month, and occasionally up to 3 in a single day.
Almost all usage is by local organisations or individuals.

The Hall is operated as a charitable trust, and is kept in a good state of repair, to ensure that it is welcoming. Maintenance is funded from hire charges, which at the same time are kept as low as possible, to maximise its use.

The Mawnan Community Association (MCA) Hall, at Carwinion Playing Field, is also administered as a charitable trust, and is used regularly by the Playgroup, Youth Club, Football & Cricket teams. Within the hall, the Ben Spike Centre facility is available for hire for birthdays, meetings, etc., or by groups on a regular basis.

Mawnan Parish Council acts as trustees for our two playing fields; Carwinion Field, home to the cricket & football teams along with the site of Mawnan Preschool and The Junior Playing Field which houses a range of play equipment in a safe environment.  Contact and other details may be found in the Community Section.

There is also a network of Public Footpaths and Bridleways throughout the parish, which are maintained by the Parish Council. Details can be found by clicking on Public Rights of Way page on this website.