Council Policies & Procedures

29.3.20 Because of the  Coronavirus outbreak we have had to take steps to ensure that the parish council continues to run effectively , even though we cannot meet face to face.  As such as Scheme of Delegation has been agreed, where some functioning has been put into the hands of the clerk, chairman & vice-chair for a temporary period.

The way that the Council meetings operate is determined by its Standing Orders, and there are also Financial Regulations which set out how its finances will operate, including its policy on tenders and contracts. All Councillors must abide by the Council’s Code of Conduct, which includes a requirement for Councillors to declare various interests.

The Council maintains an Asset Register, containing details of everything it owns. A Risk Assessment document has been drawn up, to ensure that the Council has taken the necessary steps to protect its assets, and to ensure its continuing operation and financial viability.  There is also an annual review of Financial Internal Controls which monitor our financial processes and how we can limit associated risks.

The Council also has a Publication Scheme under the Freedom of Information Act, which has been prepared and approved by the Information Commissioner. This commits it to make information available to the public as part of its normal business activities.  We also have a Retention of Documents Policy which explains what information we keep and for how long, but this should be read alongside our GDPR information.

If required, there is a Complaints Procedure, although we hope that no-one will ever need to use this. Complaints concerning the Council, members, officers, or its procedures or administration should initially be put in writing to the Clerk or Chairman.

A full list of those policies held by the council can be found by clicking here.  You can request copies of these at any time from the clerk.  These policies are now reviewed every 5 years (except the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations & Safeguarding Policy which are reviewed annually) or when notified of a statutory change.

Planning & Development:

We have joined up to the Cornwall Council scheme to work with developers during the pre-planning stage.  This will ensure that any discussions we have are fair and consistent.

Our Mawnan Parish profile explains how we see our parish at present – this document is open for change as we see different elements growing and changing.  Whilst our Pre Application protocol explains how we will deal with pre- application meetings.

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