Playing Field Trusts

We do not allow commercial activities to take place on either of the parish’s playing fields unless it has been agreed with the Trusts first.  There is at present no fixed scale of charges as we base them on attendance and anticipated use – please make contact with the Trust Administrator/parish clerk to discuss.


The playing field is one of the last spots on Carwinion Road as you head out of the village and has a soccer pitch and cricket pitch. It also boasts a clubhouse run by the Mawnan Community Association and is home to the Mawnan Pre-school.

We have also risk assessed the Carwinion Field (post covid-19 reopening) and have asked all regular user groups, such as football, cricket and the pre-school to include access and shared spaces to their own risk assessments prior to them reopening and to pass these onto the Trust.

Whilst anyone in the community is welcome to make use of the field for any type of recreational activity,  we do ask that any regular groups how hold classes or sessions here make contact with the Trust (via the parish council) to ensure that all the dreaded admin – insurances, emergency procedures and fees (if this is a ‘paid for’ activity) are in place and correct.  We usually only make a nominal charge for any group based within the community to hire the field space.

Following on from the public meeting on Monday 13th September about the plans for Carwinion Field if anyone want to make contact please feel free to email – or use the contact form below.  Anyone who attended and left their email addresses will be contacted fairly soon just to touch base. 

The slides from the meeting are attached – we will be updating these with a summary of the information given verbally by Rex Sadler, Kevin Bate and Caroline Toland as soon as we can.

As promised here is the location plan and rough sizing estimates for the examples of a MUGA shown in the meeting slides from the 13th.


    Go big or stay home …..   sitting down, bored, like a big couch potato.

    In a joint initiative the CPFT along with the MCA, football & cricket clubs are looking at making improvements to the resources available on the field for the youth of the parish.  The JPF is great for our smaller residents but we know that this is lacking amenities for those big enough to be taking the bus to school!  So far we have started a conversation over a pizza night on the possibility of a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) at the top of the field under the spotlights with a sports surface capable to handling basketball, walking netball and other similar ball games as well as free wifi, somewhere to sit and meet up and holding events specifically for teens. 

    Inside the clubhouse we have a list of jobs that need doing too – a thorough clean and refurbishment of the kitchen is desperately needed.  A new hall floor, extra storage block and upgrading the rear toilet so they can be kept open for field users are high on the priority list as well.

    There’s also talk about entering into a Deed of Dedicationwhich gives long term protection against commercial development to the field through Fields in Trust (previously the National Playing Field Association).  


    The play area is situated between Grove Hill and Carwinion Road. Constituting just over half an acre and situated in the village center, the objective of the Junior Playing Field Trust is to provide and maintain a recreation ground for the benefit of younger children of the parish.

    Currently the equipment varies from a zip wire (for the more daring), swings, a roundabout, climbing frames, balance beam and swinging bars to a rocking animal and climbing fort for the youngest. Today the children’s play area is used extensively by all age groups with picnic tables for the whole family to make use of.

    We have tried to keep the JPF open through the COVID lockdown period  and although cleaned regularly we  cannot arrange to have the equipment cleaned down after each user so are asking that ANYONE showing symptoms refrain from using the play area and that anyone falling ill within 72 hours of using the equipment let the Parish Council know so we can close up and arrange to deep clean again (equipment will be regularly disinfected on Monday mornings).

    We have also undertaken an new post-covid Risk Assessment, additional to the general document.

    You will need to have Public Liability Insurance and a full activity Risk Assessment prior to any use being agreed.

    We would like to remind people that the Junior Playing Field is a dog free area and that this includes use of the footpath from Shute Hill which goes through our site, as this is a permissive path not Public Right of Way.  We ask that dog owners refrain from coming onto our field.

      I WANNA ROCK!   

    With the sad demise of Ronnie the Rabbit the playground now lacks a sit on rocker.  Unfortunately the coffers area little empty at the moment with funding having been spent up replacing the fort and plans for fencing and boundary works so we are not able to replace him at present.  But we have had suggested a fundraising event of some kind on the Junior Playing Field to help raise some much needed funds –  Thank you the the parents of the community who have asked if they can run this to get a new piece of equipment.

    Mawnan Parish Council acts as trustees for our two playing fields with the parish clerk acting as Administrator. Usually any meetings are held quarterly and undertaken together- rare exceptions are noted.

    2021 Meetings

    2020 Meetings

    minutes 5.2.20

    minutes 22.7.20

    minutes 12.8

    add on from PC meeting 17.9.20

    22.10.20 minutes

    minutes 26.11.20

    2019 meetings:  

    21.1.19 signed  

    minutes 27.6.19


    signed 30.9.19

    Every year we need to report to the Charity Commission our trust activities over the past year. If you wish to view our accounts as a whole please contact the parish clerk.

    CPFT trustees report – holdover period

    JPFT trustees report – holdover period

    CPFT trustees report 2018-19

    JPF annual report 2018-19

    CPFT trustees report 2019-20

    JPF annual report 2019-20

    CPF trustees report 2020-21 JPF annual report 2020-21
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