Planning Applications & Development

Planning & Development:

We have joined up to the Cornwall Council scheme to work with developers during the pre-planning stage.  This will ensure that any discussions we have are fair and consistent.

Our Parish Profile explains how we see our parish at present – this document is open for change as we see different elements growing and changing,   whilst our Pre Application protocol explains how we will deal with  meetings held before planning applications have been submitted..

Please be aware that there are already planning documents in place which are referred to.  These include the Cornwall AONB Management Plan 2016-2012 and the Cornwall Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) + Mawnan Allocation list.  These documents have gone through public consultations, evaluations and council review.  Our NDP, when completed, will be added to this list.

Planning Applications

As we receive in planning applications from Cornwall Council to consult on we will now be listing these here for public information. These will be discussed at the next council meeting. ( The Planning Committee meet in August if required)

Please note: as of 1st January 2016 the parish offices will no longer hold paper copies of planning applications. Any member of the public wishing to review plans would need to do this themselves either online (via the Cornwall Council Planning Portal) or by coming into the parish offices prior to the public planning meeting to review downloaded electronic copies of documents (by appointment only).

Printed copies of specific pages of a planning application can then be printed off if required at a small charge (20/10p per sheet) by the clerk.

Aug  2019 – special planning only meeting 14th August 

Ref. No: PA19/05955 9 Carlidnack Close Mawnan Smith TR11 5HF
Replace existing window with French doors. Build balcony/raised deck to end and side elevations

Ref. No: PA19/04989 Mawnan Parish Council Admin. Hub Carwinion Road Mawnan Smith TR11 5JD
Proposed office building

Ref. No: PA19/03865 Penavon Helford Passage FalmouthTR11 5LB
Alterations and extensions to existing dwelling

Ref. No: PA19/05627 Spindrift West Bay Maenporth Road Maenporth TR11 5HP
Extensions and alterations to house

Ref. No: PA19/05368 Penwarne Manor Penwarne Mawnan Smith TR11 5PH
Works to trees numbered T1-T14 covered by a Tree Preservation Order.

Ref. No: PA19/06245 Windyridge The Square Mawnan Smith TR11 5EP
First floor extension over existing garage to form new independent dwelling

Ref. No: PA19/06092 White Lodge Anna Maria Lane Budock Vean TR11 5LJ
Fell trees 1036, 1041, 1047, 1048,1050, 1052 and G6 as per Evolve Tree Report 3068-1 TMR

Ref. No: PA19/05944 Fowlers Landing Budock Vean Lane Mawnan Smith TR11 5LQ
Works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order, namely for the esturine oaks to the west of the house: remove the fallen oak; lift the crowns to 4 metres from the base; remove ripped branches and deadwood greater than 3 cm diameter.

Ref. No: PA19/06733 Tranquebar Budock Vean Lane Mawnan Smith Cornwall TR11 5LH
Demolition of the existing substandard dwelling and replacement with a new dwelling and associated external works to include for replacement boathouse (Revised Design to Conditional Approval PA15/11903 & PA17/03207)