Neighbourhood Development Planning

We have set up this page to provide extra information about NDPs should you wish to consider helping out down the line as we decide to best create one for our community.

It was decided at the March meeting, after consideration of the votes received back, that Mawnan will start the process of creating an NDP.   Contact would be made with those offering assistance as soon as possible to find out their particular areas of expertise.

Basic information can be picked up here and the roadmap document can be accessed here

If anyone would like any more information on NDPs please contact us via email here   or check out the little video clip below explaining what an NDP is.

Next Meeting: 

11th September 2017 @ 7pm – hopefully at The Bowling Club

New members welcome – bring an interested friend along!


NDP – Initial Volunteer Meeting 10th May 2017

7th June 2017 meeting

NDP Minutes 17 July 2017



Minutes of our initial meeting can be viewed here.