Mawnan Parish Plan

Mawnan Parish Plan was produced in 2006, as a document which sets out how the community sees itself developing over the next 5-10 years.

The Parish Plan enabled the community to have a say in the future development of their Parish. It has already been used to attract funding for projects, as it proved the demand for facilities and activities.

It provided the Parish Council with a clear framework of actions to be taken, based on what residents saw as important. Community groups and residents have used information in the plan, providing them with a means to lobby for change.

The Parish Plan can be used in the future to influence planning policies. Appropriate elements of the plan have the
potential to be included within the District/new Unitary Council’s Development Plan Documents in the Local Development Framework, giving them more ‘weight’ in planning decisions.

The Parish Plan was developed through a consultation process involving meetings and surveys of all residents. A separate Youth Survey was undertaken, to ensure that the views of young people were taken into account.

Click to download the Mawnan Parish Plan in Adobe PDF Format.