Junior Playing Field

The play area is situated between Grove Hill and Carwinion Road. Constituting just over half an acre and situated in the village center, the objective of the Junior Playing Field Trust is to provide and maintain a recreation ground for the benefit of younger children of the parish.

In 1978 play equipment was installed and until 1999, was enjoyed by the children of the village. At this time an adverse health and safety report forced the then trustees to remove condemned equipment leaving the children with no where to play safely.

Since 2002, the trustees have attracted over £80,000 from charitable organisations in order to purchase new equipment and safety surfaces. This varies from a zip wire, swings, roundabout and assault nets for older children, to climbing frames and rocking animals for the youngest.

Today the children’s play area is used extensively by all age groups with picnic tables for the whole family.

The trustees are the serving Parish Councillors, albeit acting independently.





JPFT Minutes 17.12.15

JPFT Nov 14 – add on meeting

JPFT Minutes Apr 15


equipment upgrades:

over Summer 2016 we have had to removed several pieces of equipment due to wood rot.

This new equipment is going to be installed on 11th October


Works may mean areas of the field will be closed off – please do not go through safety barriers.

We are also getting works done before Christmas to the end of the zip-wire and the cable to make sure that this will hold up for another few years.

We have a list of minor things that need working on over winter this year – which include relaying grass-mat under the zipwire & fort; cleaning all the safety surfaces, sorting out the gates and weatherproofing all the remaining wooden equipment.  Anyone with time on their hands is welcome to make a start!


Every Year we need to report to the Charity Commission our activities over the past year.  Below are the Annual Returns.  If you wish to view our accounts as a whole please contact the parish clerk.

Annual Return 2014

Annual Return 2015