Burials at Mawnan Community Graveyard

For anyone wishing to find out details on how to arrange a burial at Mawnan Community Graveyard please look below for reference materials & forms  and then make contact with the Parish Offices on 01326 251022 or email clerk@mawnan.org.uk.   All queries should be responded to within 48 hours .

Please DO NOT commission headstones or memorials until the Application to Install a Memorial has been signed off by the parish council/ clerk.  Any costs incurred before we have agreed your memorial are your own responsibility.

Mawnan Graveyard – building a historical archive

Do you have any information on relatives, friends or notables buried at Mawnan Church?

We are looking at a long term project to not only to map, catalogue and photograph all of the headstones and burials, but to pull together any kind of anecdotal or historical information about the lives of the people buried here. Dry registers are one thing but for locals and visitors alike a bit of personal information makes all of the difference.

If you have story, recollection or historical record on someone buried there would you consider forwarding it to the parish clerk so we can build a community record? Nothing is too small to be recorded. The more information we get the richer we find the history of our village through the ages and the more inspiring it becomes.

please forward details to : clerk@mawnan.org.uk


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Burial information & site regulations Nov 2017

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Mawnan Parish Council now hold responsibility for the maintenance of both the Old Parish Graveyard at Mawnan Church and the new graveyard on adjacent land.

With the closure of the PCC Graveyard all new burials within the Parish of Mawnan will be taking place at the community  graveyard adjacent to St Mawnan Parish Church and will be administered by the Parish Council. Anyone wishing to be interred here will need to make contact with the Parish Clerk (burials officer) which is usually done through their funeral director to make arrangements.

Anyone looking for additional interments in family plots in the church graveyard, in plots there that they have already reserved there, or for historic information on burials before 2015 needs to contact the Church on 01326 251370