Parish councils have various powers given by Acts of parliament to provide funding, equipment and premises, to help others provide services.

The ability to make such grants is strictly determined by law, both in terms of the organisations which can receive them, and also the amounts of grants that may be given.

In particular, parish councils are permitted to make small grants to organisations which benefit the local population in some way or another. This is permissible under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972. There is a low ceiling on such grants, based upon the number of electors, and the monies are funded directly from the Council Tax, via the Parish Precept, so this is your money that we are talking about. There is no other external source of funding available, apart from the Council Tax.

The Council is aware of its duty to spend public money carefully, to achieve the maximum benefit to the residents of Mawnan, and is therefore keen to ensure that this money is targeted at the organisations most in need. The Parish Council gives priority to groups and organisations which directly benefit the parish and its residents.

COMMUNITY GRANTS                                                                                                   If you are a member of a group which wishes to be considered for a grant from the Parish Council for a particular project or activity, then contact the Clerk to the Council, in the first instance.  This year we are delaying awarding grants until June, to allow groups time to sort out their end of year accounts.   This is not a one off occurrence – we accept grant applications throughout the year.

For grant forms & information click Grant Form 2020/21

Your “project” may be a one-off purchase of equipment (e.g. insurance premium, special equipment used by your group, books etc), the cost of providing a service (e.g. lunch for village pensioners), or the cost of a section of your running costs (e.g. the cost of room hire for the year). The council reserves the right to seek verification that any donation has been used correctly. It may not be possible for the Council to cover the total cost of each project. A contribution towards the total may be made.

SOLAR FARM MONEY                                                                                                We as the parish receive an annual amount because we have a solar farm within the parish.  This is held by the parish council to distribute to sustainable or worthwhile projects in the parish and is administered with the same forms & processes as our usual grants, at the same time.  You do not have to make a separate application.

We are trying to save a little of this money each year to build into a bigger pot to let us undertake some larger projects in the parish.

Grant funding from the parish can usually be used to help towards match funding from other sources – please let us know if you are intending to go down this route and need us to guarantee our contribution to help you fill in their paperwork.

Grants awarded for 2018/19  …

Who Awarded Project description
Mawnan Mothers Union £30.00 flower planters at church
1st Mawnan Rainbows £200.00 new aprons, veggie garden materials / seedlings
Mawnan Snooker Club £240.00 table iron & match balls
Mawnan PCC £250.00 reinstate St Michael’s clock hourly chime
Mawnan Anvil Trust £300.00 multi-media show reel / reseal smith flue/ clean & repair exterior walls
Mawnan Panto Group £700.00 stage curtain rail
Mawnan Memorial Hall £4,000.00 Topographic survey
Scott Abbeyfield House £500.00 outings & events for residents
Mawnan Preschool £500.00 PEAS (play equipmnet, gardening/outdor kit/ boot racks)
Autumn Show £300.00 Rosettes & awards
Helford River Scout Group £300.00 Outside Activity trainers