Council Services


When the council requires services it either request quotes (for works up to £10000) or goes out to tender for amounts over this. For details of all current opportunities please click here

Within the Parish, some services are provided by the Parish Council. Guidance on these is provided within this website.

However, the majority of services are provided by the Cornwall Council.

For any service being supplied in Mawnan, irrespective of where it is provided from, please click on a link from the list below.

• Bus Shelter (Parc an Manns) – Mawnan Parish Council
Burials at the Community Graveyard – Mawnan Parish Council
Highways Weed Treatment – Mawnan Parish Council
• Public Conveniences – Mawnan Parish Council
Public Rights of Way Maintenance – Mawnan Parish Council*
SW Coastal Path Maintenance – Mawnan Parish Council*

*limited part of this service supplied by the parish council only


Benefits – Cornwall Council
Education Services – Cornwall Council
Environment & Waste – Cornwall Council
Highways / Traffic – Cornwall Council
Housing – Cornwall Council or Coastline Housing
Planning – Cornwall Council
• Refuse Collection – Cornwall Council
Street Cleansing – Cornwall Council
Tourist Information Services

 Road & Drain Clearances

If you notice accumulations of leaves, blocked drains or overflowing gullies you can contact CORMAC directly, of feel free to drop the clerk either a call or email and she will pass the concern along.  You will need to be as specific as you can please when it comes to a location – if you can give a house name or number it’s really useful.


It is the responsibility of the landowner to keep hedges, especially those next to roads and footways, in reasonable order so they don’t cause obstruction to passers-by.  The following link takes you to Cornwall Council’s online reporting form: Highways Issue – overgrowing hedges.

Click here for general information about your responsibilities as a landowner if your property borders a road.

 Potholes & Road Issues

It’s easy to report a pothole directly to Cornwall Council .. and by doing so this is logged against the roads’ permanent record upping chances of major works being undertaken.  Please log your potholes – it could lead to a better road surface being installed.  The following link takes you to  Cornwall Council’s online form:  Pothole Reporting


Mawnan has now sourced a plot of allotments for use by the community on National Trust land at Durgan Crossroads. Anyone wishing to get more details needs to contact Granville Williamson on 01326 250112 or by email at for details. Full, half and shared plots are available and volunteers willing to offer occasional help are also welcome.