Council Expenditure

The Annual Budget

Mawnan Parish set its annual budget for the upcoming year at the same time the precept is set in December to start on 1st April.

Discussions begin in September/ October each year on the spending priorities that are felt to be most important for the parish in the upcoming year, and how much funding should be made available. This also takes into account how much we have held in general reserves and how much of this we are willing to spend.

Occasionally due to urgent projects or works beyond anticipation it is agreed for extra funding to be added to the budget in year from general reserves.

The budget is reviewed by the Office & Finance Committee every 3 months.

The current summary budget for 2017/18 is available here  –  a line-by-line budget is available on request from the clerk.

The Prime Minister and Coalition Government Ministers have told local authorities to publish local spending data. The Public Sector Transparency Board has been set up to drive an open data agenda. From January 2011 local government spending over £100 must now be published by local authorities. Expenditure below this will not be published but is in the Public Domain and available in the Council Office.


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2016 -2017 Council Expenditure over £100

2015-2016 Council Expenditure over £100

2014-2015 Council Expenditure over £500

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Final audit information for 2016/17 is available to the public from 19th June 2017.  Any information provided before this date is draft only and subject to alteration. 

Click here to view the:

completed annual return 2016-17

End of Year Bank Reconcilliation

Explanation of variance

Internal Audit report 2016-17

Earmarked Reserves for End of Year 2016-17


The official period in which you can make comment or query our accounts before the official audit has now closed (conclusion of audit form 15-16) for 2015-16.

Mawnan Parish has our accounts verified annually by an External Auditor (Grant Thornton llp) as per government guidelines.

Click here to view the:

completed audit return 15-16

End of Year Bank Reconcilliation

Explanation of Variances

Internal Audit Report


Anyone wishing to review historic accounts has the right to do so and should contact the clerk to arrange a suitable time to review them.

Please note – any original documents cannot leave the Parish Offices.