Council Expenditure

The Annual Budget

Mawnan Parish set its annual budget for the upcoming year at the same time the precept is set in December to start on 1st April.  We then do some tinkering to this when the financial year starts in April.

Our budget for 2022/23 can be seen here – along with a list of Earmarked Reserves for specific projects or requirements agreed by the Parish Council.

Although it is the legal right of any parishioner to review that parish’s accounts at ay time, it is usually helpful to contact the clerk first to allow her to get the records out and ready for you.   Please use the contact form opposite to get in touch.

The budget is reviewed by the Office & Finance Committee every 3 months.  Papers from the most recent meeting, which include budget tracking, quarterly bank reconciliations & reserves information can be found as part of the Agenda papers under “Agendas & Minutes

Where urgent projects or works beyond anticipation are agreed to during the year extra funding, taken from the parish’s general reserves, could be be added to the budget in year.

Each year the parish council has to complete an Annual Return (AGAR) to explain the use of public funds to a set format and that has to be agreed by the full parish council.  The AGAR is then reviewed by a government appointed, centrally appointed External Auditor and any issues with our processes are noted

Click here to view the full pack  of Audit documents for:

the 2021/22 financial year – these were agreed by the Parish Council at our June Meeting, prior to being sent for External Auditor review.

the 2020/21 financial year   – the have now been verified by the appointed External Auditor PKF Littlejohn

the 2019/20 financial year

the 2018/19 financial year

the 2017/18 financial year

the 2016/17 financial year

the 2015/16 financial year

The Prime Minister and Coalition Government Ministers have told local authorities to publish local spending data. The Public Sector Transparency Board has been set up to drive an open data agenda. From January 2011 local government spending over £100 must now be published by local authorities.  Expenditure below this will not be published but is in the Public Domain and available in the Council Office.  A full list of monthly expenditure is provided with each months minutes.

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2021-22 Council Expenditure over £100

2020-21 Council Expenditure over £100

2019-20 Council Expenditure over £100

2018-19 Council Expenditure over £100 

2017-2018 Council Expenditure over £100

2016 -2017 Council Expenditure over £100

2015-2016 Council Expenditure over £100


Anyone wishing to review historic accounts has the right to do so and should contact the clerk to arrange a suitable time to review them.

Please note – any original documents cannot leave the Parish Offices.