Last year’s annual report started with a glowing tribute to the excellent Royal Wedding Celebrations organised by Councillor Beth Lawry, Michelle Dickson and their most talented team. This year we look forward to yet another “Lawry” extravaganza when we come together to enjoy the celebrations for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. As the event gets closer, Beth will be publicizing the details and I know we can expect another fantastic day.

Going back to November, and the Parish Remembrance Day Service grows from strength to strength. With well over 80 people in attendance, not including the children from Mawnan School who participate so effectively in their various roles, the service offers the community the civic opportunity of honouring

and remembering our loved ones lost in conflict. How wonderful to have our own young lady who can play the last post.

Christmas and the New Year saw the village full of the joys of the season with the Christmas Lights. They really bring the Spirit of Christmas into the heart of Mawnan. In February, “Mummy Mia” from the Panto Group, provided wonderful entertainment. The costumes and scenery were yet again exceptional.

This year we introduced the Mawnan Community Award. David Rickard was our first recipient for his long service and superb contribution to the success of the Football Club. We already have several names for consideration for 2012/13 and we will announce the winner at the Annual Parish meeting in May.

The development of the affordable homes at Castle View is under way and we look forward to local families being able to move into their own homes. Under the new Cornwall Core Strategy, it is highly likely that Mawnan will need to accommodate a number of local needs houses. Under the Localism Bill, your Council intends to take greater responsibility for planning by generating a Neighbourhood Development Plan and Order, ensuring a greater say in what gets built in the Parish and the development of an enhanced infrastructure.

Traffic through the village is becoming unsustainable and traffic calming measures will now be considered by the Council and the community. A Council working party is currently examining a range of options and will report back once they have reached their conclusions. What is true is that through a S106 order or the Community Infrastructure Levy, any future developments could expect to give financial support for traffic calming within the Parish. We were delighted to welcome Tim Lugg to the Council. Tim needs no introductions so enough to say that we all wish him every success in this new role.

Finally the new graveyard is ours!!! We are now in the process of going through tenders for building a Cornish Hedge and road. Once these are completed, the graveyard will be open. A committee made up of Councillors, Steve Penrose and representatives of the three denominations in the village prepared a design statement which was adopted by the full Council. In essence we will have a non consecrated Lawn Type graveyard. Individual graves will be consecrated by the officiating minister so negating the need for denominational areas. Once open, the church yard will be closed to all new burials other than re-internments. Mawnan Parish Council will then become the burial authority. For more information on the new graveyard, rules, regulations and costings, please contact the Council Office on 01326 251022. Local Funeral Directors will be given this information in advance of our opening.

Parish Councils are now taking on increased responsibilities and roles as localism becomes

adopted by central and local government. I would like to place on record the professionalism

and commitment demonstrated by your Councillors who give their time and expertise in the

governance of this Parish. Councillors do not just attend meetings once a month, there is a

plethora of other meetings, consultations and training courses which we must attend to stay on

top of the game.

Finally a huge thanks to every member of the committees of village groups who keep this village vibrant and alive, and to Councillor Neil Hatton for the support he offers Mawnan Council and the community.

Dr. Denis Gartside – Chairman

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