The sun is shining, the delicious aroma of hog roast and burgers fills the air as Ted Glover and I man one of the entrances into Carwinion Playing Fields for the celebration of the Royal Wedding. Well over 700 residents and friends eventually turned out to party and picnic, with activities and entertainment for everybody. What we witnessed, was a very special event, something which brought the whole community together with a sense of belonging and identity. But perhaps the most heart warming reaction was the young boy who, as he walked into the field, looked round, smiled and said “This is paradise” – and he meant it. Of course events like this don’t just happen, they take an amazing amount of time, organisation and dedication. So many thanks to the committee members, helpers and the companies, individuals and performers who so generously sponsored the event. Let’s hope we can keep up the momentum and do something special in future years.

Three major planning issues came through the Council this year: Affordable housing in Castle View, the PV Array at Higher Tregarne and the building of the new Pre School at Carwinion. Unfortunately, in any controversial planning application there will always be winners and losers. Mawnan Council must take a balanced view of all applications and come to a decision based on material planning considerations.

In the case of the affordable housing, Mawnan Council agreed and supported this application because we believe that there is sufficient demand from local people. This was upheld by Cornwall Council who approved the application. As a result of this, we are now conducting a housing needs survey in order to provide the intelligence to support or object to further applications for affordable developments in the village. The questionnaire is with this report and we would kindly ask you to complete and return it as soon as practicable.

Whilst Mawnan Parish Council did not support the application for a forty acre solar array at Higher Tregarne, Cornwall Council voted in favour. They felt that our objection on the grounds of visual impact was out of balance with the perceived advantages of the scheme – a low carbon source of green, reliable energy. The good news is that communities who have solar arrays may receive up to five thousand pounds per megawatt generated. With an array potentially capable of generating five megawatts, we could receive as much as twenty-five thousand pounds a year for environmental projects. Now whilst this incentive clearly did not affect our planning observations, it is still good news for the community. It’s early days and the fund will depend on companies feeding electricity into the grid before the August 1st deadline when the Feed In Tariff, (FIT), is reduced. How the money will be managed is still being discussed at Cornwall Council level.

Trustees of Carwinion Playing Field granted a lease to the Pre School to build new premises on the edge of the playing field. The building is stylish, purpose built and really does credit to all those who worked so hard to raise the finances and had the vision for our children. This development would not have been possible without the Cricket and Football clubs and the MCA who entered into the discussions with a very positive and supportive attitude.

The writs for the Compulsory Purchase Order, (CPO), of land for the new graveyard in Old Church Road have now been served and the papers sent to the Deputy Prime Minister for ratification. It has been a long hard slog but we believe it is worth it so that Mawnan residents may be laid to rest here in their home village. We also know from comments made by many people that they totally agree.

In order to save your money, the Council decided to close the male and female public toilets from the end of September through to Good Friday. The disabled toilet will remain open on a time lock, all year round as a unisex/disabled facility. It is our intention to conduct a survey to ascertain how many people actually use the toilets during the busy summer period.

And what of the future? The new Localism Bill currently going through Parliament gives greater autonomy to communities. In order to take advantage of these new powers, we need to revisit the Parish Plan which was produced in 2006. This was a blue print or vision as to what the community identified as priorities and how we should address these. As Cornwall Council considers its “Core Strategy” in terms of where and how many new homes should be built over the next twenty to twenty five years, we need to consider how Mawnan may change, and develop a new Parish Plan which reflects our current and future priorities and concerns. It will not stop development and change from happening, but it will help to influence how new development fits into the village.

Dr. Denis Gartside – Chairman

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