I have just returned from the funeral of Keith Penrose, an occasion which gave such poignant tribute to Keith and support to the family. Keith was a much loved and well respected member of our community – he will be sadly missed. Perhaps one of the key things I took away from the service was a comment made by the officiating priest. “We are so lucky to live in a part of the country where people still care and

where there is a real sense of community. How right he is.

On a happier note, grateful thanks are due to the Christmas Lights Committee for their tremendous achievements in “lighting up” Mawnan for Christmas. Yet again the village looked like fairyland. And speaking of fairyland, or perhaps fairytales, Cinderella was this year’s Panto group extravaganza. Produced by Beth Lawry with some excellent acting especially from the younger members of the cast ensured a fantastic night’s entertainment. Long may it continue. To single out individual names of the cast would be invidious, but I have to congratulate Martin Tremayne on his prop design – Cinderella’s coach really was a fairytale in itself.

We are still receiving reports of petty mindless vandalism. We must not allow this sort of thing to ruin our delightful village. Children should not be playing football outside the bus shelter, this is a very dangerous road junction and we do not want to see deaths or injuries. Facilities have been provided in the two playing fields and that is where games should be played.

If you witness ANY suspicious activities then ring the police immediately on 0845 2777 444. And parents remember you have a duty to ensure that it is not your children causing the problems. We are also aware that some people feel intimidated about calling the police for fear of retribution, we have discussed this with the police and they are quite happy to meet with you in plain clothes to discuss the problems. The police have asked the Parish Council to compile a list of residents who have experienced problems or are experiencing problems, which we will do. Any problems contact the police immediately and then contact the Parish Council Office and we will take it from there.

The Council continues to face complex legal issues regarding the pre-school building and the graveyard CPO. Both are very time consuming and have to be right. I now have the CPO documents for the purchase of the new graveyard. These will be submitted to the Secretary of State for approval. The legal situation with the pre-school group build is now in the hands of our solicitors who have drawn up a draft contract. I am delighted that both the football club and the cricket club have been so responsive to this venture, their help in securing its success was essential.

We said goodbye to our Clerk John Harrop in November, John returned to Lancashire to be nearer his parents and family – we wish him well. Sarah Willsher took over the reins and is quickly learning the ropes. We wish her every success.

The work of the Parish is becoming increasingly more complicated and time consuming, and I wish to publicly express my grateful thanks to all members of the Council who freely give up an increasing amount of time in the service of their local community.

Dr. Denis Gartside – Chairman

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