2006/07 has been an interesting and constructive year for the Council. Finance for traffic calming measures in place, agreement to compulsory purchase land to extend the Parish grave yard, commended in the Best Kept Village Competition and taking legal ownership of the public toilets and bus shelter. Under the auspices of Veronica Donohue, Mawnan Parish Plan was successfully completed and now being acted upon, and of course the DVD Mawnan at War proved to be very popular.

2007 is also interesting because it sees the end of the current Parish Council with elections on May 3rd. May I ask you to register your votes for the Parish, District and County elections – democracy is a fundamental right in this Country, unlike in many others, and your vote really does count.

There are three Parish Councillors who regrettably are not seeking re election. Their specialised skills and competences have been invaluable to the operation of this Council. Richard South’s business acumen and relentless pursuit of safety on our roads, Charles Stimson’s infectious passion for the Best Kept Village Competition and Chris Hibbert’s expertise in environmental issues and co producing the DVD Mawnan At War.

There is another Councillor who will not be gracing the next Parish Council. Marjorie Briars has decided to retire after 35 years. The statistics are impressive – almost 500 Parish Council meetings, that’s around 70 full working days or 14 full working weeks dedicated to the community and that does not take into the account the many hours Marjorie spent walking and checking our public footpaths.

Finally I would like to place on the public record my thanks to the whole Council for their loyalty, hard work and conscientious dedication to the Parish and community. The role of a Parish Councillor has substantially changed over the last few years, with more responsibility, accountability, paperwork and time commitment, all of which are likely to increase further.

As Cornwall moves towards the likely dissolution of the District Councils and a Unitary Authority based on the County Council, there is little doubt that Parish Councils will be expected to administer increasing powers and responsibilities as the second tier within local government.

Cllr D Gartside – Chairman

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