CHAIRMAN’S ANNUAL REPORT, 2004/05 (May 2005)

Mawnan – A Quality Council

This year has seen many achievements by Mawnan Parish Council. We are extremely proud to have achieved Quality Status – a national standard. It tells you that your council is democratic, open and works hard to listen to and represent your views.

It is our job now to take this status forward and to use it to make a real difference. Over the coming months we will be working to establish even closer links with the District and County councils to ensure that we receive the best service that they have to offer.

It may mean that we have to do more in the village. We must wait and see, but either way it will allow us to raise the profile of the parish and start a bottom up process where we have the chance to influence our own future.

Projects and Achievements

During the year, the Parish Council has worked hard in many areas to improve the parish or understand your needs and how to address them. Achievements include:

Traffic calming -working with the county council to improve road safety around the school.

Public Toilets – Following Kerrier’s decision to close rural pubic toilets, we are working with them to ensure the future of this vital village service.

Parish Plan – This vital village consultation will influence council policy in the future as we work hard to address your needs.

Policing – Lliaising with the Community Policeman to ensure a safer community.

It has been a successful year with members working hard on behalf of the community. Your support during the year has been greatly appreciated.

Cllr D Gartside – Chairman

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CHAIRMAN’S ANNUAL REPORT, 2003/04 (May 2004)

Welcome to the first Annual Report issued by Mawnan Parish Council. It is hoped that this annual sheet will give you some insight into the work and the achievements of the Council during the last 12 months. It will also outline how we intend to spend our income next year.

2003/2004 was an extremely busy year for the Council. Following elections in May 2003 the new Council met for the first time in May, six councillors were re-elected and four new councillors were elected to serve on the council until 2007.

Throughout the year, the Council has tried to improve the quality of facilities in the Parish and has worked with the County Council to maintain and improve over 150km of paths. It has also worked closely with Kerrier District Council to refurbish the public toilets and to install a disabled toilet. Perhaps its greatest achievements were our Parish Paths Leaflet and through its work as Trustees, the long awaited refurbishment of the Junior Playing Field.

There is much work for the Council to do. It is aware that there are growing traffic problems in the village, that there is a need for local affordable housing in the village as well as other community needs. I hope you will continue to support your Parish Council in its work and look forward to welcoming you to a Council meeting in the future.

Cllr D Gartside – Chairman

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