Parish Reports Booklet 2015/16

In lieu of a Chairman’s Report we have been creating set of reports based on the activities of community groups and events taking place in the parish over the year.

Many of these are presented at the Annual Parish Meeting in May, but some are collected later and from varying sources.

Click to view the annual report 2015/16, hard copies are available from various locations in the village or from the clerk if you’d like one.

Police Reports & Information

remember – for details up to date information please go to Mawnan Area Police info


Be cautious about workmen asking for part payment in advance. There has been a spate of incidents where jobs have been part paid for, then no works are done and you are just left with constant excuses.

Trading Standards & the Police are aware of a group operating in the rural Falmouth/ Penryn area, targeting more vulnerable parishioners.

If you have concerns about rogue builders contact Cornwall Trading Standards on 0300 123 4191or ring the police on 101

Message 9th November 2016

I now have a Police Twitter account and looking to set up a Police Facebook page so that people can follow me to gain up to date news and information regarding the following. Twitter users can follow me on @PcsoAshley.


Message from PCSO Fuller – 11th April 2016

Hello all,

I am PCSO 30640 Ashley Fuller and I am the PCSO that covers this area. I am looking to try and identify any current Neighbourhood Watch schemes in my parishes and I would like to try and find out the main coordinators for each Neighbourhood Watch scheme. I am also interested in finding out any areas that would either like their current Neighbourhood Watch scheme brought back to life or any areas that would like to set up a new Neighbourhood Watch scheme. If you can help could you please contact me on the following: or 01326 213411 or the following address: Falmouth Police Station, Dracaena Avenue, Falmouth, TR11 2ES.

 Many thanks

PCSO 30640 Ashley Fuller



We will be posting the monthly Police Report’s from PSCO Ashley Fuller here in future rather than reading them at the Parish Council Meetings as they are now a lot more general than before and do give crime prevention advice based on current trends.

If you need to make contact with him at any time his details are:

PCSO 30640 Ashley Fuller
Falmouth Police station
PCSO for Mylor, Gwennap, Perranarworthal, Budock, Constantine and Mawan Smith.
Telephone:  0845 656 5334

Mawnan Police report July 2015

Mawnan Police report september 2015

Mawnan police report november 2015

Mawnan Police Report December 2015

Mawnan police report January 2016

Police Commissioner -Notice-of-election 2016

Area Crime Statistics 2016 (Penryn Rural)

parish crime statistics from April 2016 onwards

crime figures 2017 & crime statistics – 2017


I would like to begin by paying my own tribute to Denis Gartside. Ever since I have known him he has shown a real commitment and enthusiasm in serving the people of this Parish. I trust you are all aware that unfortunately due to illness Denis has had to relinquish most of his re-sponsibilities within the Parish.

As Vice-Chairman of Mawnan Parish Council I took on the role of Acting Chairman. Although I was aware how much enthusiasm and effort Denis put into his role, I have since discovered that his contribution was more than I ever envisaged. He deserves more recognition than I can possibly record – but from all those in Mawnan, Denis you have our grateful thanks for all your hard work and our very best wishes for the future.

This last year we enjoyed the celebrations for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. So much work goes on before such a day dawns and our thanks go to those who made it such a success The Parish Remembrance Day Service last November was led for the first time by Rev Geoffrey Bennett with well over 90 people in attendance, not including the children from Mawnan School who participate so effectively in their various roles.

Christmas and the New Year saw the village again full of the joys of the season with even more Christmas Lights than previous years. The lights really are a special and unique contribution to the start of the Christmas Season.

In February, the Panto Group performed “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” to full houses – providing exceptional entertainment to one and all. The costumes and scenery were as professional as you will see anywhere.

The 2012 Community Award was presented to Ian Newman for his commitment and all-consuming efforts in maintaining the Memorial Hall and all its activities.

The new Cornish Hedge and access path have been installed in the new graveyard and we are in discussion with the Church to establish the final processes for using the new graveyard once the current graveyard is “closed”.

I would like to thank everyone for the support I have received both from Councillors, the Clerk and from members of other organisations.

Finally a huge thanks to every member of the committees and village groups who keep this village active and alive, and to Councillor Neil Hatton for the support he offers Mawnan Council and the Parish.

Councillor David Gibbons – Chairman

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Last year’s annual report started with a glowing tribute to the excellent Royal Wedding Celebrations organised by Councillor Beth Lawry, Michelle Dickson and their most talented team. This year we look forward to yet another “Lawry” extravaganza when we come together to enjoy the celebrations for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. As the event gets closer, Beth will be publicizing the details and I know we can expect another fantastic day.

Going back to November, and the Parish Remembrance Day Service grows from strength to strength. With well over 80 people in attendance, not including the children from Mawnan School who participate so effectively in their various roles, the service offers the community the civic opportunity of honouring

and remembering our loved ones lost in conflict. How wonderful to have our own young lady who can play the last post.

Christmas and the New Year saw the village full of the joys of the season with the Christmas Lights. They really bring the Spirit of Christmas into the heart of Mawnan. In February, “Mummy Mia” from the Panto Group, provided wonderful entertainment. The costumes and scenery were yet again exceptional.

This year we introduced the Mawnan Community Award. David Rickard was our first recipient for his long service and superb contribution to the success of the Football Club. We already have several names for consideration for 2012/13 and we will announce the winner at the Annual Parish meeting in May.

The development of the affordable homes at Castle View is under way and we look forward to local families being able to move into their own homes. Under the new Cornwall Core Strategy, it is highly likely that Mawnan will need to accommodate a number of local needs houses. Under the Localism Bill, your Council intends to take greater responsibility for planning by generating a Neighbourhood Development Plan and Order, ensuring a greater say in what gets built in the Parish and the development of an enhanced infrastructure.

Traffic through the village is becoming unsustainable and traffic calming measures will now be considered by the Council and the community. A Council working party is currently examining a range of options and will report back once they have reached their conclusions. What is true is that through a S106 order or the Community Infrastructure Levy, any future developments could expect to give financial support for traffic calming within the Parish. We were delighted to welcome Tim Lugg to the Council. Tim needs no introductions so enough to say that we all wish him every success in this new role.

Finally the new graveyard is ours!!! We are now in the process of going through tenders for building a Cornish Hedge and road. Once these are completed, the graveyard will be open. A committee made up of Councillors, Steve Penrose and representatives of the three denominations in the village prepared a design statement which was adopted by the full Council. In essence we will have a non consecrated Lawn Type graveyard. Individual graves will be consecrated by the officiating minister so negating the need for denominational areas. Once open, the church yard will be closed to all new burials other than re-internments. Mawnan Parish Council will then become the burial authority. For more information on the new graveyard, rules, regulations and costings, please contact the Council Office on 01326 251022. Local Funeral Directors will be given this information in advance of our opening.

Parish Councils are now taking on increased responsibilities and roles as localism becomes

adopted by central and local government. I would like to place on record the professionalism

and commitment demonstrated by your Councillors who give their time and expertise in the

governance of this Parish. Councillors do not just attend meetings once a month, there is a

plethora of other meetings, consultations and training courses which we must attend to stay on

top of the game.

Finally a huge thanks to every member of the committees of village groups who keep this village vibrant and alive, and to Councillor Neil Hatton for the support he offers Mawnan Council and the community.

Dr. Denis Gartside – Chairman

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The sun is shining, the delicious aroma of hog roast and burgers fills the air as Ted Glover and I man one of the entrances into Carwinion Playing Fields for the celebration of the Royal Wedding. Well over 700 residents and friends eventually turned out to party and picnic, with activities and entertainment for everybody. What we witnessed, was a very special event, something which brought the whole community together with a sense of belonging and identity. But perhaps the most heart warming reaction was the young boy who, as he walked into the field, looked round, smiled and said “This is paradise” – and he meant it. Of course events like this don’t just happen, they take an amazing amount of time, organisation and dedication. So many thanks to the committee members, helpers and the companies, individuals and performers who so generously sponsored the event. Let’s hope we can keep up the momentum and do something special in future years.

Three major planning issues came through the Council this year: Affordable housing in Castle View, the PV Array at Higher Tregarne and the building of the new Pre School at Carwinion. Unfortunately, in any controversial planning application there will always be winners and losers. Mawnan Council must take a balanced view of all applications and come to a decision based on material planning considerations.

In the case of the affordable housing, Mawnan Council agreed and supported this application because we believe that there is sufficient demand from local people. This was upheld by Cornwall Council who approved the application. As a result of this, we are now conducting a housing needs survey in order to provide the intelligence to support or object to further applications for affordable developments in the village. The questionnaire is with this report and we would kindly ask you to complete and return it as soon as practicable.

Whilst Mawnan Parish Council did not support the application for a forty acre solar array at Higher Tregarne, Cornwall Council voted in favour. They felt that our objection on the grounds of visual impact was out of balance with the perceived advantages of the scheme – a low carbon source of green, reliable energy. The good news is that communities who have solar arrays may receive up to five thousand pounds per megawatt generated. With an array potentially capable of generating five megawatts, we could receive as much as twenty-five thousand pounds a year for environmental projects. Now whilst this incentive clearly did not affect our planning observations, it is still good news for the community. It’s early days and the fund will depend on companies feeding electricity into the grid before the August 1st deadline when the Feed In Tariff, (FIT), is reduced. How the money will be managed is still being discussed at Cornwall Council level.

Trustees of Carwinion Playing Field granted a lease to the Pre School to build new premises on the edge of the playing field. The building is stylish, purpose built and really does credit to all those who worked so hard to raise the finances and had the vision for our children. This development would not have been possible without the Cricket and Football clubs and the MCA who entered into the discussions with a very positive and supportive attitude.

The writs for the Compulsory Purchase Order, (CPO), of land for the new graveyard in Old Church Road have now been served and the papers sent to the Deputy Prime Minister for ratification. It has been a long hard slog but we believe it is worth it so that Mawnan residents may be laid to rest here in their home village. We also know from comments made by many people that they totally agree.

In order to save your money, the Council decided to close the male and female public toilets from the end of September through to Good Friday. The disabled toilet will remain open on a time lock, all year round as a unisex/disabled facility. It is our intention to conduct a survey to ascertain how many people actually use the toilets during the busy summer period.

And what of the future? The new Localism Bill currently going through Parliament gives greater autonomy to communities. In order to take advantage of these new powers, we need to revisit the Parish Plan which was produced in 2006. This was a blue print or vision as to what the community identified as priorities and how we should address these. As Cornwall Council considers its “Core Strategy” in terms of where and how many new homes should be built over the next twenty to twenty five years, we need to consider how Mawnan may change, and develop a new Parish Plan which reflects our current and future priorities and concerns. It will not stop development and change from happening, but it will help to influence how new development fits into the village.

Dr. Denis Gartside – Chairman

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I have just returned from the funeral of Keith Penrose, an occasion which gave such poignant tribute to Keith and support to the family. Keith was a much loved and well respected member of our community – he will be sadly missed. Perhaps one of the key things I took away from the service was a comment made by the officiating priest. “We are so lucky to live in a part of the country where people still care and

where there is a real sense of community. How right he is.

On a happier note, grateful thanks are due to the Christmas Lights Committee for their tremendous achievements in “lighting up” Mawnan for Christmas. Yet again the village looked like fairyland. And speaking of fairyland, or perhaps fairytales, Cinderella was this year’s Panto group extravaganza. Produced by Beth Lawry with some excellent acting especially from the younger members of the cast ensured a fantastic night’s entertainment. Long may it continue. To single out individual names of the cast would be invidious, but I have to congratulate Martin Tremayne on his prop design – Cinderella’s coach really was a fairytale in itself.

We are still receiving reports of petty mindless vandalism. We must not allow this sort of thing to ruin our delightful village. Children should not be playing football outside the bus shelter, this is a very dangerous road junction and we do not want to see deaths or injuries. Facilities have been provided in the two playing fields and that is where games should be played.

If you witness ANY suspicious activities then ring the police immediately on 0845 2777 444. And parents remember you have a duty to ensure that it is not your children causing the problems. We are also aware that some people feel intimidated about calling the police for fear of retribution, we have discussed this with the police and they are quite happy to meet with you in plain clothes to discuss the problems. The police have asked the Parish Council to compile a list of residents who have experienced problems or are experiencing problems, which we will do. Any problems contact the police immediately and then contact the Parish Council Office and we will take it from there.

The Council continues to face complex legal issues regarding the pre-school building and the graveyard CPO. Both are very time consuming and have to be right. I now have the CPO documents for the purchase of the new graveyard. These will be submitted to the Secretary of State for approval. The legal situation with the pre-school group build is now in the hands of our solicitors who have drawn up a draft contract. I am delighted that both the football club and the cricket club have been so responsive to this venture, their help in securing its success was essential.

We said goodbye to our Clerk John Harrop in November, John returned to Lancashire to be nearer his parents and family – we wish him well. Sarah Willsher took over the reins and is quickly learning the ropes. We wish her every success.

The work of the Parish is becoming increasingly more complicated and time consuming, and I wish to publicly express my grateful thanks to all members of the Council who freely give up an increasing amount of time in the service of their local community.

Dr. Denis Gartside – Chairman

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Each year at the Annual Parish Meeting, I am impressed by the number and breadth of the organisations which exist, each contributing to the life and sustainability of our community. Two of the most conspicuous are the Christmas Lights Committee, who yet again surpassed themselves to produce a spectacular display over Christmas, and the Panto Group. Each year we engage in the friendly rivalry with Mylor, and each year Mawnan comes out on top. This year there was no comparison, Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates really was a superb production. So a huge thanks to the Christmas Lights Committee and the Panto Group for making winter seem shorter and much more fun.

On 1st April Cornwall’s county and district councils joined together to form Cornwall Council, with the strategic aim of transforming local government in Cornwall. Services will now all be delivered by the single Cornwall Council.

The purchase of the new graveyard appears to be moving very slowly, but it is progressing. The Compulsory Purchase Order has been presented. The National Trust has agreed to sell the land. We are just waiting now for the legal formalities to run their course. I attended a legal course on burials held by the Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management, which has enabled me to draw up the regulations, and informational notes. These will be available in the Parish Council Office once the graveyard is functional.

Incidents of vandalism in the village have occurred over the last few months : Christmas lights broken, fire in the toilet, toilet roll holders torn off, roof tiles broken on the bus shelter, and guttering forcibly removed. I am aware of other cases involving private individuals who have allegedly been intimidated by a group of youths. The Parish Council is considering what might be the best course of action, including the possible formation of neighbourhood watch schemes. In the meantime, we must not allow this sort of thing to ruin our delightful village. If you witness ANY suspicious activities, or you feel intimidated, then ring the police immediately on 0845 2777 444.

And please remember that the police cannot respond if they don’t know what’s going on.

Congratulations to David Rickard who was nominated at this year’s Kerrier Sports Awards on March 20th for his lifetime services to sport. Awards were presented by Heather Fell, the Modern Pentathlon silver medallist from the Beijing Olympics and Hannah Stacey, seven times UK Freediving Champion. Councillor Rex Sadler and I joined David and his family for this great occasion celebrating sport across Cornwall.

After 14 years, the Parish Council regrettably said goodbye to Phil Moyle who has resigned for personal reasons. I would like to place on record our grateful thanks to Phil, who always represented and articulated local interest. Sylvia King was duly co-opted to the vacancy left by Phil, and we look forward to her growing input to Council business.

Elections for the Council will take place on June 4th, with 123 electoral divisions, Mawnan, Budock and Constantine making up a ward. Mawnan is in the Falmouth & Penryn Community Network Area, and our “One Stop Shops” for advice and services are in the old Carrick Council building at 34 Church Street, Falmouth, and inside the Town Hall, Saracen House, Higher Market Street in Penryn. They may be contacted by telephone on 0300 1234 100.

I would like to thank both Neil Hatton and Rex Sadler for their hard word as our County and District Councillors over the years, plus all members of Mawnan Parish Council and the Parish Clerk for their loyalty and efforts, and for their continuing dedication to this Parish and our community.

Cllr D Gartside – Chairman

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Well, the election came on May 3rd 2007 and, unlike many Parish Councils, Mawnan elected the full complement of ten Councillors. Martin Barlow, Audrey Loomes, Anne Harris and Beth Lawry very quickly found their feet and undertook portfolio holder duties with dedicated responsibilities to the Council. Regrettably, Anne Harris resigned at Christmas for personal reasons, and David Gibbons was duly co-opted as her replacement.

The Council wishes to thank Anne for her dedication as portfolio holder for police, highways and traffic calming.

As Cornwall moves towards April 1st 2009 and the new Unitary Authority, your Council is actively considering what extra powers and responsibilities it feels able to administer. There is little doubt that Parish Councils will be expected to do more and will be seen as the second tier within local government.

Being a Councillor can be frustrating, one step forward and two steps back. Whilst many of the proposals that have been precepted for are moving ahead, it often seems a painfully slow process to get what we want and what we need. However, unless your Council is fighting for traffic calming measures, footpaths in Grove Hill
and the graveyard extension, this community will be left wanting and without local representation. With this very much in mind, I would like to thank our District and County Councillor Neil Hatton for his staunch support. Councillor Hatton religiously attends our Council meetings, and articulates our concerns and thoughts to the higher levels of local government.

Finally, I would like to place on the public record my thanks to the whole Council and our Parish Clerk for their loyalty, hard work and conscientious dedication to the Parish and our community.

Cllr D Gartside – Chairman

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2006/07 has been an interesting and constructive year for the Council. Finance for traffic calming measures in place, agreement to compulsory purchase land to extend the Parish grave yard, commended in the Best Kept Village Competition and taking legal ownership of the public toilets and bus shelter. Under the auspices of Veronica Donohue, Mawnan Parish Plan was successfully completed and now being acted upon, and of course the DVD Mawnan at War proved to be very popular.

2007 is also interesting because it sees the end of the current Parish Council with elections on May 3rd. May I ask you to register your votes for the Parish, District and County elections – democracy is a fundamental right in this Country, unlike in many others, and your vote really does count.

There are three Parish Councillors who regrettably are not seeking re election. Their specialised skills and competences have been invaluable to the operation of this Council. Richard South’s business acumen and relentless pursuit of safety on our roads, Charles Stimson’s infectious passion for the Best Kept Village Competition and Chris Hibbert’s expertise in environmental issues and co producing the DVD Mawnan At War.

There is another Councillor who will not be gracing the next Parish Council. Marjorie Briars has decided to retire after 35 years. The statistics are impressive – almost 500 Parish Council meetings, that’s around 70 full working days or 14 full working weeks dedicated to the community and that does not take into the account the many hours Marjorie spent walking and checking our public footpaths.

Finally I would like to place on the public record my thanks to the whole Council for their loyalty, hard work and conscientious dedication to the Parish and community. The role of a Parish Councillor has substantially changed over the last few years, with more responsibility, accountability, paperwork and time commitment, all of which are likely to increase further.

As Cornwall moves towards the likely dissolution of the District Councils and a Unitary Authority based on the County Council, there is little doubt that Parish Councils will be expected to administer increasing powers and responsibilities as the second tier within local government.

Cllr D Gartside – Chairman

Download Complete Annual Report, 2006/07

CHAIRMAN’S ANNUAL REPORT, 2005/06 (May 2006)

This is my third year as Chairman of Mawnan Parish Council. I would like to place on record my grateful thanks to our councillors for their support and professionalism during this time.

Change of Parish Clerk

I would also like to thank Sarah Mason, who served as Clerk for 11 years, providing expert knowledge and tremendous support. Sarah moved on at the end of March, to become Chief Executive of the Cornwall Association of Local Councils.

Replacing Sarah we welcome John Harrop, who brings with him a wide range of skills, and knowledge of council business and procedures.

Parish Council Office

John will be based at our office within Berry & Co, which is open to the public on two mornings each week.
You are welcome to call in should you need access to information sent to or held by the council, including current planning applications.
This service ensures that the council is as approachable as possible.

Public Toilets & Bus Shelter

Following completion of the transfer of ownership of the Public Toilets and Bus Shelter from the District Council, we intend renovating the Bus Shelter.
We would like to thank Kerrier DC for its assistance with the refurbishment of the toilets prior to their transfer.

We recognise that both are important amenities, and wish to ensure that these are retained for the future.

Cllr D Gartside – Chairman

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