Goldmartin Archive

October 2016

We have now agreed lighting plans – there will be a set of 5 small bollard lights in the immediate surrounds of the block of flats in the north west corner of the site.  Other than that there will be NO LIGHTING on the development.

The current plans for the site are now: Lowenna Fields – layout 15421-009   &  Lowena Fields – external works 15421-s38 (roads)

Several planning applications to remove conditions have been submitted, but have not received complete discharge.    See PA160/7184 & PA16/07018 on Cornwall Council’s planning portal for full details.

It has also been agreed to not include changes to the  road outside of the garage – they don’t really form part of any current pavement system.    We are still trying to get Cornwall Highways  to provide a pavement into the village, but have been told that there is no central funding and that “for the foreseeable future at least, Cornwall Council would not prioritise such a scheme” …. we will keep trying to source alternatives rather than risk accidents further down the line.


Notes from 7th September site meeting – click here

We have a site meeting arranged with the Project Manager on 7th September to discuss a few remaining issues (such as street lighting)


August 2016

Another planning application as soon as works really begin.  This time a non-material amendment to include such things as electricity, LPG tanks and plot boundaries.   We have once again opposed this application – we need more details on the size and tanks and why they are being put where they are (in the area allocated for affordable homes, which already has limited space.)

We have written to Edwina Hannaford, Portfolio Holder for Planning @ Cornwall Council to voice our disgust with the process we have endured in the lifetime of this application.  None of the works, suggestions or efforts we as the parish council have secured (car-park, pavement, equipped play space) have been included and in some cases have been sabotaged from within Cornwall Council itself.  Hopefully we shall hear back from her soon.


26th November 2015

Mawnan Parish Council have not supported this application.  To view our submitted comments click here

We have arranged a planning committee meeting to discuss the latest plans for GOLDMARTIN FIELDS – public meeting  on 16th November, 7.30pm at the Bowling Club.  Origin3, Taylor Wimpey & Cornwall Planning Department all hope to have representatives available.

Last date for public comments to be made to Cornwall Council is the end of the first week in December.  Please make you comments direct to the Planning Department (online is best) and not  to the Parish Council.

28th October 2015 – the new planning application (PA15/09452) has just been received.  Changes from the original include the diversion of footpath 9 through the development, inclusion of garages, a change to the road layout and 2 extra dwellings.

We intend arranging a meeting with the developers, Cornwall Council Planning & Mawnan Parish Council in the next couple of weeks.

Click for the Design Access Statement part 1,  part 2,  part 3,  Street View, Soft Landscaping Plan part 1, part 2

(please note; some of these are poor quality versions as the file size is very large.  The Parish Office has better versions available to view)

You are probably all aware of the proposed development for 42 homes at Goldmartin Field, which went through on appeal in Spring 2015.

Taylor Wimpey are taking up an option to pursue this development.  They intend to make some modifications to the the outline planning application, upping the number of dwellings to 48.

The Parish Council has already begun talks in order to try to get the best development for the village that we can.  It has been agreed to keep us up to date with the changes to plan proposals as they go ahead and to listen to comments we might have to include.

Goldmartin Fields – progress bulletin Sept 15

for clerks notes on the meeting between the Parish Council , Origin3 & Clifton Emery (Architects) on 20th August  – click here

Goldmartin Fields Development

17th August 2016

another planning application to include underground LPG tanks, electric substation, changes to boundary planting, minor changes to plot sizes 7 changes to the Bawden specification submitted.

We are hopeful that the issues with the diversion of Footpath 9 through the development has been sorted and look forward to a revised Town & Country Planning Order being forthcoming to put the path ‘over the hedge’ as agreed.

Streetlighting – we are in discussion with Cornwall County Highways & Estates to try to get this subject sorted once and for all.  As a parish, with the exception of Shute Hill we have no street lights and are trying to maintain this position.  We have discussed the possibility of no lights, or at the worst low level bollard lights with Taylor Wimpey who seem amenable.  We are waiting on Highways to get back to us.


14th March 2016

The above application went to the area planning sub-committe for a decision and was approved, despite our objections.

click here for the draft West Area Planning Subcommittee minutes and their decision.

19th Feb 2016

To see comments from last nights’ Parish Council meeting on this application click here