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Sorry – grant funding is now closed for further request until March 2019.  Congratulation to anyone who received monies this year.

Speedwatch for Mawnan?  

Graveyard Signage Project

As part of an ongoing project by the Parish Council to help visitors and parishioners alike locate the graves of individuals we have installed a new sign up at St Mawnan Church today.

In conjunction with the database (available on the new Graveyard Information page) this map can be used to find burial information and grave locations in the old churchyard. A hardcopy of this will be left in the lychgate below the sign as well as being available on the parish website.

Many thanks to Cllrs David Nash & Graham Marsden who have been involved in mapping, recording and designing all of this project information.



For details on any current contracts & quotes OR details on our graveyards please look under “Council Services” on the main SERVICES menu bar.  

We are looking to restore the seats in the churchyard.  Please check out the Tenders & Quotes  or Mawnan Graveyard pages for information.  We are looking for advice just as much as a works quote on this.

Message from PCSO Fuller … (24.1.18)

DC Alert is a messaging system that the Police have recently brought out which helps us to keep in contact with members of the local community. All that people need to do is to go on to the DC Alert website which is alerts.dc.police.uk and sign up for the service. Once signed up members will get messages from the Police regarding issues that are relevant to where they live and any interests that they have such as Boat Watch/ Neighbourhood Watch or if they are a business owner. We also use the DC Alert system to make the public aware of missing people that we are looking for and to help Identify suspects of crimes. Users can also use the DC Alert service to message the Police, so if an Officer was to send out a message on DC Alert members of the public could then get in touch with the same officer and pass them any information or ask any questions that they may have regarding something that has been distributed through DC Alert.



Remembrance Service 2017

Unfortunately this year we got rained on but not enough that the Service of Remembrance did not go ahead.  Thank you to Rev Johanna Clare for the readings and to the Brownies, Guides and young members of our parish who laid commemorative crosses for those lost in the parish in both World Wars.  Special thanks to Izzy who played a wonderful rendition of the Last Post at very short notice.

Check out the  NOTICEBOARD  section under information where we hope to be able to add details of all of the communications sent to the clerk which might be of interest to anyone in the parish.

We are keeping the front page for current information.  Older stories can be viewed on our news archive page.