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Boundary Commission – Electoral Boundary Review for Cornwall.

What does this review mean?
The process of this review has already begun with a consultation on the number of active councillors at Cornwall Council. The Boundary Commission have proposed a number of 87, dropping from the 123 currently in office and the 99 proposed in January by Cornwall Council.  Cornwall Council has started to look at the individual division boundaries and map the layout for 87 seats. The new map of the divisions will be based on the forecast electorate for Cornwall in 2023 (449,650). For example for 87 seats, the starting point for electors/division will be 5168 +/- 10% with some additional room for manoeuvre if required.

What happens next?
Parish & Town councils across Cornwall are being asked to consult on the effect 87 County Councillors will have, and will have information provided on how this is likely to affect boundaries.
Phase 1:
• The Final Size of Cornwall Council – The Boundary Commission for England have presented their final recommendation of 87 councillors.

• The shaping of Cornwall Council Electoral Divisions – an explanation of the next round of consultation to establish the new electoral divisions for Cornwall Council.

Once the Boundary Review of Cornwall Council is completed, Cornwall Council will undertake a community governance review of the parish and town council boundaries. Unlike the national review, the final decisions on the parish boundaries will rest with Cornwall Council.
Phase 2:
• Community Governance Reviews of local councils – what does this mean for parishes.

• Community Networks and their role in local governance and decision making – new opportunities for community networks as a forum for local decision making.


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