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The COMMUNITY WEBSITE now has a new location.  It is now www.mawnanparish.co.uk and is LIVE (though we are still working on it…_

Grove Hill Crossing Feasibility Study

As you may be aware we thought we were requesting a crossing at Grove Hill close to the school, what it appears has happened is only the feasibility study has been funded by highways.

We now need to make a decision on which if the 2 options provided would be the best fit for our parish and need your comments.  We will be adding this to the March agenda.  This will not be a quick project.

Please take some time to read this very large document (which we have had to split into 3 parts) and let us know what you think about the proposals.

Part 1 – pages 1-25

Part 2 – pages 26-40

Part 3 – pages 41-55


Monday 11th November in the Memorial Hall at 10.45am – walking down to the Millennium Cross to lay wreaths.  Bring a Brolly!


As the review into how parish & town Councils across Cornwall

Full details of the process can be found on Cornwall Council’s website by searching Community Governance Review

Parish Grants for 2019/20

These are pretty much spent out now.  The round for 2020/21 will be opened up in the new year.

Remembrance Service 2019 –

Monday 11th November 2019 in the Memorial Hall.  Service starts at approx 10.45 , but come early if you want to get a seat as they tend to go very quickly.

Remembrance Service 2018

Thanks you to the large number of people who swelled the Memorial Hall to almost bursting point on Sunday morning.

Fortunately we managed to avoid any of the passing showers and were grateful to those who accompanied the group in it’s transit down to the Millennium Cross and the formal laying of wreaths.

Special thanks to the hall ladies, WI& Local History Group for their wonderful refreshments, an eye-catching display of community poppies and the personal and local remembrances of the village’s history during the war.

Graveyard Signage Project

As part of an ongoing project by the Parish Council to help visitors and parishioners alike locate the graves of individuals we have installed a new sign up at St Mawnan Church and have left a  hardcopy of our “Finding a Memorial” information in the lychgate below the sign as well as it being available on the parish website.

If you do note any changes, omissions or something that need correcting please contact the parish clerk – changes can be done in a couple of days usually.

For details on any current contracts & quotes OR details on our graveyards please look under “Council Services” on the main SERVICES menu bar.  

Check out the  NOTICEBOARD  section under information where we hope to be able to add details of all of the communications sent to the clerk which might be of interest to anyone in the parish.